Conservatives + Snuggie = FAIL

March 27, 2009 at 9:50 pm Leave a comment

This just in: Conservatives love blankets with sleeves!

I don’t have anything against the Snuggie. I mean, I do think it’s pretty ridiculous to charge money for a blanket with sleeves. I also think the concept of a “Snuggie Pub Crawl,” while clearly warm and fuzz-filled, is a bit bizzare. (But hey, there’s a Web site dedicated to them, so they have to be legit, right?) But when it comes right down to it, I’d willingly accept a Snuggie as a gift. (I ALMOST got one for Christmas, until my dad and I realized shipping and handling would cost more than the actual sleeve-enhanced blanket.)

I SUPPOSE I don’t have anything against conservatives, either. I mean, running into CPAC attendees at happy hour last month was pretty disturbing. And, being a staunch liberal, I disagree with most (usually all, but I should be fair) of their policies. But, I reluctantly have to agree that they’re a necessary part of the political process and aren’t, you know, bad people. Heck, if a conservative gave me a Snuggie, I might even call him or her a friend.

However, when my boyfriend forwarded me this article from Politico this morning, I almost gagged. Tucker Carlson (strangely sans bowtie) and Joe the Plumber in Snuggies? Really?

I’m probably being too harsh on conservatives for deeming this article “FAIL” worthy. Would Obama and Rahm look much better? OK, probably. Also, they have yet to be photographed wearing blankets with sleeves, which also gives them gold stars.

Humor aside, there’s one thing to learn from this: the “As Seen on TV Market” has a hot new demographic. You heard it here first, Billy Mays.


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