Fledgeling anti-socialite seeks opportunity to mock DC reality TV

May 9, 2009 at 1:25 pm 1 comment

Is this the new face of reality TV? #bedhead

Is this the new face of reality TV? #bedhead

I have a new project. A new goal. Or, really, I should just say I have a new distraction. It involves reality TV.

This morning, I was sitting with my boyfriend and noticed a gem in his blog reader from the DCist – details on casting for a new reality TV show (title still undetermined) that supposedly will feature “a range of women from DC.”

I quote, from the press release, “We are currently looking for a range of women in DC, from young up-and-comers (determined staffers, aspiring politicians, fearless journalists, and fledgling socialites) to the real powerbrokers on the Hill (commanding congresswomen, sassy socialites and dymanic divas in charge) We want the wonder women of Washington who know the ins and outs of both the political and social scene. The show will follow the lives of these high-octane women as they tackle the daily dramas that only DC can dish out.”

(As an aside, someone has to tell the producers that they’re going to find it pretty difficult to find a “commanding congresswoman” to appear on the CW. Second, I strongly object to anyone terming anyone from my gender “high-octane.” There’s just something about comparing women to a grade of gasoline that’s just so unattractive. Not to mention environmentally unfriendly. But I digress.)

DC, unfortunately, is no stranger to bad reality TV. The show “Blonde Charity Mafia” is scheduled to start on the CW in July. And I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before Bravo unveils “The Real Housewives of Washington, DC.”

Nevertheless, I feel the need to embark upon an experiment and throw my hat into the ring for this show. All I have to do is, “Please include: Name, age, occupation, give a brief bio of who you are, tell us why you think you should have your own show. Don’t forget to add recent photos, and a contact number where you can be reached.” No problem. Especially on the photo end. I hope they like bedhead.

A brief bio of who I am? Well, I’m from Wisconsin (which I’m sure is pretty attractive to reality TV producers from LA). I work at a non-profit as an online communications manager. Instead of networking with the big players and “high-octane” residents of the city, I prefer to network with the somewhat crazy liberals, non-profit workers and the portion of the population that lives here and refuses to spend more than $8 on a drink. My daily dramas usually entail tracking down several mice that inhabit the old townhouse in which I work and deciding whether my boyfriend and I want to go out for a few drinks or stay in and watch the Food Network (note to producers: this is sure to lead to heated debates ripe for TV).

In short, I’m a shoo-in.

All sarcasm and snark aside, my main point in all of this is that there are many DC residents like myself. Just wander around the U Street area, or the 14th Street/Logan Circle area, and you’re sure to find quite a few. We’re not power brokers, we don’t have droves of money. We have no desire to be fledgling socialites, and we try to seek out the restaurants and bars that would never even appear on a Zagat review or tourist guide. And a reality TV program that really wants to get to the heart of DC, but leaves out this portion of residents, really isn’t getting to the heart of DC. (I could make an entirely different post on the fact that I’m sure none of these programs will even step one foot into Southeast, or really any area that has the distinct hint of an “urban” flavor.)

Which is exactly why I’m applying. I certainly don’t expect to get on the show. And if for some crazy reason I was chosen, I’d immediately decline. But everyone needs a distraction and a reason to laugh. Especially if it involves laughing at reality TV.


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