In DC, things are trickier

August 14, 2009 at 4:29 pm Leave a comment

Moving from Washington, DC to Wisconsin for a year has made it glaringly apparent that when living in the district, things are simply more difficult.

Take hiring a moving truck (an option I have nixed).  The moving company wanted to charge me an extra $1500 simply because DC’s residential streets were “too narrow” for a moving truck.

Take renting a moving “pod” (an option I also nixed). My apartment complex only has three parking spots, all of which are by a dumpster, and none of which are available. Because the company needs three street parking spots to dump a pod, the district presented me with oodles of red tape (including a multi-spot parking permit application, fees and over two-week processing period) to set aside three spaces to put a pod for three days.

Take returning cable/modem equipment to my cable provider. Like many DC residents, I don’t have a car and rely solely on public transportation. Because taking a cab to drop off the equipment would likely cost over $25, I get to lug a cable box, modem, power cords and more on the subway on a 90-degree plus temperature day.

I don’t mean to complain too much. After all, these are the drawbacks to living in a larger, older city. But things are certainly, well, trickier, without wide streets, a car and a driveway.


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