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Happy Friday: The cute baby seal edition

Because everyone needs a sleepy seal photo after a long week. (And check out what the Humane Society is doing to protect the fuzziness.)


March 21, 2009 at 12:06 am 1 comment

Baby chickens. In live stream form. Yays!

I stumbled across this today, and I have to say, watching a live stream of baby chickens hop around really turns a bad day into a not-as-bad one. Enjoy.


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Economy got you down?

Puppies and a piglet. Together. It’s the perfect cure for economic woes. (Aside from, you know, the usual happy hour drinks). And you can find it here. Enjoy.

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Who doesn’t love a sleepy animal?

I don’t love CNN because they post videos of sleepy animals instead of, you know, REAL news. But on the other hand … I love CNN because they post videos of sleepy animals. Especially on days when I wish it would be cute if I started doing this at work.

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