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U Street upgrade project site lacks Web two point oh-ness


File this one in the annals of Web2., uh, sort of?

It appears as though a U Street upgrade project is underway in the District, and the D.C. DOT has created a nifty little Web site to involve the public in the process. Well, perhaps I should put the word “involve” in quotation marks.

Unfortunately, the site only includes broad descriptions of the project – currently in the “design” phase. (more…)


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“The Real World” is taking over my world

Photo courtesy DCist. See that white brick building on the left? My apartment building is behind it - way too close to MTV.

The location of MTV's "The Real World" in D.C., which is way too close to my apartment. (photo courtesy DCist)

Most DC residents have already figured out the location for the filming of MTV’s “The Real World.” It just happens to be a two-minute walk from my apartment.

The reality – pardon the pun – of this situation didn’t fully sink in until I was going for a long walk/run one morning. I began to think about all the places I frequented near the future MTV landmark: the Safeway convenience store, the CVS, the yummy Asian fusion restaurant a few blocks away (Banana Leaves, for those who live here) … Pretty soon I found myself jogging faster and faster, increasingly annoyed at the prospect of having wanna-be MTV stars living in my neighborhood. (Although not immune from the tourists, one of the reasons I chose to live in Dupont was because of its eclectic community, the opportunity to shop local and support non-chains, and experience part of the “real” DC.)

On the other hand, giving this situation more thought, I decided it also provides a great opportunity for blogging. Real-time blogging of the reality TV show, if you will.

Thus, my exploitation of MTV (through words written in a private blog) begins now. *Fanfare*

So far, the only activity at the house is construction. Shoddy construction. All the windows have brown paper over them to prevent curious persons such as myself from seeing in. However, during the daytime most of the doors are open, providing a well-lit view of the house’s inside. All I have to say about the interior is: Drywall. White drywall. And lots of it.

I’ve never actually watched an episode of “The Real World,” only hearing about the show’s premise third-hand. But for some reason, I always thought the houses these “contestants” lived in were a lot classier – sturdy construction, maybe something other than a white built-in wall for decor, things like that. Right now, MTV’s renovators are making the house look like the spitting image of a frat house. Very fitting, don’t you think?

I’m hoping that my neighbors won’t be too intrusive, or that at least my 9 a.m. – 6 p.m. job means I’ll be operating on different sleeping patterns from their 9 p.m. – 6 a.m. drinking duties.

I’ll just have to wait and see.

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Does D.C. have housewives? Bravo thinks so.

It wasn’t my intention to become a reality TV blogger when I started “Politics and Quirk.” But I’m already one post into the subject and about to embark upon a second.

I blame Bravo.

Earlier this week, DCist broke the news that the network was pursuing another extension of their “Real Housewives” project, this time focusing on the District.

Before I go any further, I’ll take a silent pause to let any and all District residents get out their screams, sighs and other expressions of terror.

**Silent pause.**

OK, back to “The Real Housewives of D.C.” (more…)

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An exploration into D.C.’s schmooze culture

Politico has a great article up today on the schmoozing and fundraising hotspots in D.C. Because I am a staunch hater of schmoozing (clearly, I chose to live in the right place to avoid all that, didn’t I?), and because I want to know what places to avoid lest I be sucked into a void of networking and political fundraising, I find the article quite useful.

Besides, who *doesn’t* want to learn about where Barney Frank goes to grab a bite?

(And in a nod to transparency, kudos to the Sunlight Foundation’s Party Time blog for providing information on the schmooze hotspots from thousands of invitations).

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