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My dog’s health care is better than mine … is this a cause for concern?

It’s an interesting state of affairs when my dog in Madison, Wisconsin receives better health care than I do.

Given my family’s experience with vets who have no solutions other than to prescribe medications (even Prozac) for my dog’s recurring hot spots, my dad decided to take him to Truesdell Animal Care Hospital.

In short, this place is amazing. All information from my dog’s checkups is posted online, even prescription and diet information. My family also receives follow-up emails from the vet (which, due to my very strong attachment to my dog, my dad forwards along to me).

Now, don’t get me wrong: I’m elated that my dog is finally receiving such wonderful care. But I’m also struck with a question (and it’s a big one): If they can do it for dogs, why can’t they do it for me? (more…)


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