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Fixing CNBC – with comedians and progressives

Jon StewartLast week, a somewhat comic, somewhat serious feud between Jon Stewart and Jim Cramer brought to the surface what many of us were thinking: CNBC, in particular “Mad Money,” practices pretty shoddy journalism.

Stewart stated, and rightly so, that pundits like Cramer serve as a PR machine for Wall Street instead of holding Wall Street accountable. Cramer even admitted to Stewart that he allows guests to tell blatant lies on his show, and fails to challenge or rebut those lies.

Of course, Steve Holt at CloggedTubes makes the valid point that Stewart isn’t really a journalist. He’s an observer. Sure, he can make the case that CNBC, and journalists in general, need to start getting to the bottom of Wall Street’s irresponsible spending instead of perpetuating lies and behavior that got our country into an economic mess in the first place. But aside from observing, what really can he do to fix the problem? (more…)


March 16, 2009 at 8:11 pm 1 comment