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Why are “public interest” events so ineffective? (Or: How we can learn from Powershift09)

whistleblowerI feel slightly guilty for writing this post. After all, I work at a public interest non-profit. I willingly admit I’m a huge geek when it comes to government accountability and transparency. But I simply cannot get excited about “event weeks” dedicated to this subject.

What “event weeks” am I referencing, you ask? Well, we’re just coming off the heels of the National Whistleblower Assembly, a.k.a. “Whistleblower Week,” and Sunday marks the beginning of Sunshine Week. And that’s not all. Monday is “FOI Day,” and there’s even a “Law Day” May 1.

One of the biggest issues I have with these types of events is their scope: How many people outside the beltway actually know about them (lawyers don’t count)? And do these events really educate the public as effectively as their sponsors proclaim? (more…)


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