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Coal ash update: Could’ve been worse

It appears that yesterday’s coal ash spill in Maryland wasn’t bad as it could have been. The DCist, via the Associated Press, reported yesterday evening that the spill hasn’t done much harm.

So it looks like the toxins and discoloration from the spill won’t make it down to the District. A huge disappointment, I know.  But given the EPA’s recent track record of finding signs of water pollution from coal ash, we probably don’t have to wait too long before another incident rolls along.

One phrase from the AP story does sound rather disconcerting, though:

Still, Maryland state regulators were concerned about a potential environmental threat from the sludge, which could contain high concentrations of selenium, sulfate, arsenic, iron or manganese.

The last time I checked, selenium, sulfate, arsenic, iron and manganese aren’t things you’d want to drink, and are a bit too caustic for a Brita filter to handle. But hey, who really wants to drink plain old non-toxic water, anyways?


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