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An exploration into D.C.’s schmooze culture

Politico has a great article up today on the schmoozing and fundraising hotspots in D.C. Because I am a staunch hater of schmoozing (clearly, I chose to live in the right place to avoid all that, didn’t I?), and because I want to know what places to avoid lest I be sucked into a void of networking and political fundraising, I find the article quite useful.

Besides, who *doesn’t* want to learn about where Barney Frank goes to grab a bite?

(And in a nod to transparency, kudos to the Sunlight Foundation’s Party Time blog for providing information on the schmooze hotspots from thousands of invitations).


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OpenSecrets goes open data

Transparency advocates received some great news today thanks to They’re providing almost 20 years of money-in-politics data, about 200 million records, to the public, free and downloadable.

What a deal! Not only can people can access data about money’s influence on politics, but developers can take the data and mash it up with other data sets and create new apps.

You can check it out here.

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